Milk Stout

Hazeldean Milk Stout

The Hazeldean Milk stout is our beer with the closest connection to the Hazeldean heritage, the great dairy farm of the east.

It sports a mild roasted grain aroma with slight hints of coffee and chocolate, rounded off with a cream-like sweetness.


Hazeldean Vienna Lager

Our flagship beer, the Vienna Lager, has moderatley rich malt and hop flavours, with a gentle bitter and dry finish.

It’s a lager style unknown to most, but definitely a beer that will leave you impressed.


Hazeldean Premium Pilsner

Alongside the Vienna Lager, the Premium Pale Pilsner is our second flagship beer.

It’s a medium-bodied bohemian style pilsner with a clean, crisp, and well-rounded finish

Pale Ale

Hazeldean Ayrshire Pale Ale

The Ayrshire Pale Ale is back!
Last brewed in 2019, we decided to that a return of the Ayrshire was needed.

This APA showcases moderate, new-world hop flavours ofGrapefruit, citrus and pine resin, balanced with a biscuit and caramel-malt backbone, finished with a firm bitterness.